Degree Curriculum

MA, MSc, and MBA degrees

These degree programs require completion of 40 credit points.

MA in Psychology
PS500 Understanding Psychology
PS510 Biological Foundations of Behavior
PS520 Motivation, Emotion, and Sexuality
PS530 Learning, Memory, and Cognition
PS540 Developmental Psychology
PS550 Personality, Abnormality & Health
PS600 Social Psychology
PS690 Thesis

MA in Sociology
SC500 The Sociological Perspective
SC510 Sociology & Scientific Approach
SC520 Individual & Society
SC530 Difference & Inequality
SC540 Social Institutions
SC550 Social Change & Globalization
SC600 Critical Approach
SC690 Thesis

MA in Anthropology
AN500 The Scope of Anthropology
AN510 Ethnicity & Ethnic Relations
AN520 The Emergence of Modern Humans
AN530 Bands & Tribes. Nonindustrial States
AN540 Industrialism & Stratification
AN550 Marriage. Gender. Religion
AN600 Applied Anthropology
AN690 Thesis

MA in English Literature
LT500 Old English Literature
LT510 Medieval Literature
LT520 Renaissance Literature
LT530 Eighteenth-Century Literature
LT540 The Literature of the Romantic Period
LT550 Victorian and Edwardian Literature
LT600 Modernism and Post-War Literature
LT690 Thesis

MA in History
HS500 The Earliest Civilizations
HS510 The Mediterranean World
HS520 The Making of Europe
HS530 Discovery and Confrontation
HS540 Early Modern Times
HS550 The European World Order
HS600 The Latest Age
HS690 Thesis

MA in Art History
AH500 The Classical World: Greece & Rome
AH510 Romanesque & Gothic
AH520 The Early Renaissance
AH530 The High Renaissance
AH540 The Baroque
AH550 Realism, Impressionism & Post-Impressionism
AH560 The Twentieth Century
AH690 Thesis

MA in African History
HA500 Prehistory of Africa
HA510 North and North-Eastern Africa
HA520 Islam and Sudanic States
HA530 East and West African States and Societies
HA540 Central and Southern Africa
HA550 Colonial Conquest and African Resistance
HA560 Contemporary Africa
HA690 Thesis

MA in Education
ED500 The Learner's Needs
ED510 The Teacher's Toolkit
ED520 Resources for Teaching and Learning
ED530 Planning Courses
ED600 Education History I
ED610 Education History II
ED620 Adult Education
ED690 Thesis

MA in Philosophy
PH500 The Nature of Philosophy
PH510 Theory of Knowledge
PH520 Metaphysics
PH530 Philosophy of Religion
PH540 Philosophy of Science
PH550 Moral Philosophy
PH600 Political Theory and Aesthetics
PH690 Thesis

MA in Social Policy
SP500 Politics of Modern Welfare Systems
SP510 The Social and Economic Context
SP520 Planning and Implementing Welfare Policies
SP530 Education, Health and Health Policy
SP540 Social Care
SP550 Crime, Justice, Punishment
SP600 New Thinking about Social Welfare
SP690 Thesis

MA in International Relations
IR500 Power Politics
IR510 The Foreign Policy Process
IR520 International Conflict
IR530 International Organization and Law
IR540 International Political Economy
IR550 The North-South Gap
IR600 Birth of a New World
IR690 Thesis

MA in Criminology
CR500 Understanding Crime
CR510 Theories and Concepts I
CR520 Theories and Concepts II
CR530 Types and Trends
CR540 Criminal Justice
CR550 Critical Issues in Criminology
CR600 Doing Criminology
CR690 Thesis

MA in Jewish Studies
JS500 History of the Jewish People I
JS510 History of the Jewish People II
JS520 History of the Jewish People III
JS530 Judeophobia
JS540 Bible
JS550 Talmud
JS600 Midrash
JS690 Thesis

MA in History of Music
HM500 The Curtain Goes Up
HM510 The Earliest Notations to the Sixteenth Century
HM520 The Seventeenth Century
HM530 The Eighteenth Century
HM540 The Nineteenth Century
HM550 The Early Twentieth Century
HM600 The Late Twentieth Century
HM690 Thesis

MSc in Management
MN500 The Basis of Global Management
MN510 Themes in Management
MN520 Planning and Decision Making
MN530 Business Organization
MN540 Leading and Communicating
MN550 Implementing Policies and Plans
MN600 Control Techniques
MN690 Thesis

MSc in Project Management
PM500 Projects in Contemporary Organizations
PM510 Project Initiation I
PM520 Project Initiation II
PM530 Project Planning I
PM540 Project Planning II
PM550 Project Execution I
PM600 Project Execution II
PM690 Thesis

MSc in Marketing
MK500 Modern Marketing & Its Environment
MK510 Target Markets
MK520 The Product
MK530 Price Determination. Strategies & Policies
MK540 Distribution. Promotion
MK550 Marketing in Special Fields
MK600 Managing a Marketing Program
MK690 Thesis

MSc in Tourism Management
TM500 Sociology of Tourism
TM510 Marketing for Tourism I
TM520 Marketing for Tourism II
TM530 Marketing for Tourism III
TM540 Tourism Geography
TM550 Tourism Economics I
TM600 Tourism Economics II
TM690 Thesis

MSc in Economics
EC500 Supply Demand & Product Markets
EC510 Market Imperfections & Government Regulation
EC520 Factor Markets & Income Distribution
EC530 Taxes, Transfers, Government Spending
EC540 Aggregate Demand
EC550 Aggregate Supply
EC600 The World Economy
EC690 Thesis

MSc in Mathematics
MT500 Finite Mathematics I
MT510 Finite Mathematics II
MT520 Finite Mathematics III
MT530 Finite Mathematics IV
MT540 Calculus I
MT550 Calculus II
MT560 Calculus III
MT570 Calculus IV

MSc in Environmental Sciences
ES500 Basic Issues in Environmental Sciences
ES510 Life and the Environment
ES520 Sustaining Living Resources
ES530 Energy
ES540 Water Environment
ES550 Air Environment
ES600 Environment and Society
ES690 Thesis

MSc in Oceanography
OC500 Evolution of the Ocean Floor
OC510 Plate Tectonics and Sediments
OC520 Seawater Chemistry
OC530 Ocean Physics and Circulation
OC540 Life in the Ocean
OC550 Marine Resources
OC600 Environmental Concerns
OC690 Thesis

MSc in Information Technology
IT501 Management and the Networked Enterprise I
IT511 Management and the Networked Enterprise II
IT521 Information Technology Infrastructure I
IT531 Information Technology Infrastructure II
IT541 Organizational Support Systems
IT551 Building Information Systems
IT601 Managing Information Systems
IT690 Thesis

MSc in Organizational Behavior
OB500 Management and Organizational Behavior
OB510 The Organizational Setting
OB520 The Individual
OB530 Groups and Teamwork
OB540 Organizational Structures
OB550 Management of Human Resources
OB600 Organizing Organizational Performance
OB690 Thesis

MSc in Sport Management
SM500 The Context of Sport
SM510 Business Functions Applied to Sport I
SM520 Business Functions Applied to Sport II
SM530 Sport Management Issues I
SM540 Sport Management Issues II
SM550 Sport Sponsorship and Broadcasting
SM600 The Future for Sport Businesses
SM690 Thesis

MSc in Healthcare Management
HM500 Current and Future Challenges
HM510 Healthcare Systems
HM520 Managing Healtcare
HM530 Information Technology
HM540 Organizational Development
HM550 Managing People
HM600 Quality Improvement in Healthcare
HM690 Thesis

MSc in Corporate Finance
CF500 The Financial Environment
CF510 A Framework for Financial Decisions
CF520 Investment Decisions and Strategies
CF530 Investment Risk and Return
CF540 Short-Term Financing and Policies
CF550 Strategic Financial Decisions
CF600 International Finance
CF690 Thesis

MSc in Security Studies
SS500 Critical Security Studies
SS510 Military Security
SS520 Environmental and Economic Security
SS530 Development and Security
SS540 Coercive Diplomacy
SS550 Weapons of Mass Destuction. Terrorism
SS600 Cyber-security
SS690 Thesis

MSc in Public Relations
PR500 The Context of Public Relations
PR510 Public Relations Theories
PR520 Ethics and Professionalism
PR530 Media Relations
PR540 Public Relations for Information Technologies
PR550 Corporate Communication
PR600 Future Issues for Public Relations
PR690 Thesis

MSc in Genetics
GE500 A Few Fundamental Concepts
GE510 Chromosomes, Cellular Reproduction, and Heredity
GE520 Sex-Linked Characteristics. Pedigree Analysis
GE530 Bacterial and Viral Genetic Systems
GE540 DNA, Replication, and Recombination
GE550 RNA Molecules and RNA Processing
GE600 Control of Gene Expression. Mutations
GE690 Thesis

MSc in Development Studies
DS500 Theories and Strategies of Development
DS510 Globalization, Employment, and Development
DS520 Rural Development. Urbanization and Development
DS530 Gender and Development
DS540 Health and Education
DS550 Political Economy of Violence and Insecurity
DS600 Governance and Development
DS690 Thesis

MSc in Human Nutrition
HN500 Food and Nutrients
HN510 Body Composition and Metabolism
HN520 Micronutrient Function
HN530 Dietary Requirements
HN540 Clinical Nutrition I
HN550 Clinical Nutrition II
HN560 Public Health Nutrition
HN690 Thesis

Master of Business Administration
MB500 Management
MB510 Marketing
MB520 Economics
MB530 Strategic Planning
MB540 Finance
MB550 Strategic Information Systems
MB560 Organizational Behavior
MB690 Thesis

Master of Divinity
MD500 Comparative View of Religions
MD510 Theology I
MD520 Theology II
MD530 Ministry Management and Administration
MD540 Interfaith Ministry
MD550 Pastoral Counseling
MD560 The Workship Service
MD690 Thesis